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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Mail A Goldfish. We are happy you are here! We know the name of our company gives it all away, but there a couple more things you should know about us. 

The health and well-being of the goldfish is our priority. We ship every goldfish in pure-oxygen and temperature-controlled insulation to ensure a safe delivery. In addition, every customer is notified when the package is shipped and delivered so that they are prepared to take care of the goldfish. Inside the package are thorough instructions on how to unbox the goldfish properly, how to feed the goldfish, and how to clean the fish bowl.

By supporting Mail A Goldfish, you help provide a goldfish a happy home for life. Each year, nearly 500 million goldfish are sold for the sole purpose of being fed to other fish, turtles, etc. At Mail A Goldfish we are providing a happy home and a family for each and every goldfish we mail.  Our Complete Goldfish Set is a starter kit for providing goldfish a place to live. We encourage our customers to consider upgrading the fishbowl to a larger tank once their new pet is acclimated to its new home.